170 Days of Change Begins

The broken bracelet Lux, Bond & Green paid me $100 for.

What’s “170 Days of Change?” Each day for the next 168 days I intend to eliminate ONE thing that’s holding me back. Something that’s not serving me. Things like clutter, paper piles, clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in decades, things I’ve been meaning to do, unresolved relationships, habits that perpetuate my not getting what I want, and negative beliefs. The whole nine yards.

Each day I plan to post what I’ve eliminated on Facebook and also to blog about the process.

Why am I doing it? To make room for what I DO want in my life. To realize my dream of becoming a best-selling author, a national speaker, and being in a sexy, romantic relationship.

Where did the idea come from? Yesterday, when I opened my closet I saw a collection of old silk scarves dangling in front of me.

I should throw them away, I thought. I haven’t worn them in YEARS. Ever since I was a sales rep and marketing consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation.

There are sooo many things I SHOULD do, was my next thought. I’ll never get to them all, I moaned to myself. (Do you ever feel that way?)

Then I thought how change happens: in tiny increments. That each of us overestimates what we can do in the short term, yet underestimates what we can accomplish over the LONG haul.

I’m gonna take tiny steps to eliminate what’s holding me back, I decided. By getting rid of ONE thing every day for 170 days. Just one thing.

Why 170 Days? It’s a take-off on my “Change Your Life in 17 Minutes” theme.

I suggest we can change our lives in 17 minutes. I selected the number “17” for several reasons:

  1. It’s a 50% increase in the amount of time the average American spends on any one activity. That’s right, most of us either interrupt ourselves or are interrupted after just 11 minutes on any one task.
  1. Our brains like novelty: 17 is a prime number and is small enough so that when our brains hear it, we usually think, “Sure I can do ANYTHING for 17 minutes.” (Mine does, anyway. And if my brain resists, I shorten the time to “7” or even “3.”)
  1. Also, when you add “1” + “”7” together, it adds up to “8.” In Chinese, the number “8” represents wealth and prosperity. In numerology, “8” represents new beginnings. And my mother’s name was Hannah, the 8th letter in the alphabet. (She died when I was an infant.) There are also eight octaves in music and eight days in a week (in the Beatles song). The bottom line is that the number eight is special.

-> YES, 170 adds up to EIGHT.

Also, when I say “170 Days of Change,” I think to myself: OK, I don’t HAVE to do EVERYTHING today. I can do just ONE thing. And feel pleased and proud at what I’ve accomplished.

Do YOU want to feel pleased and proud? To accomplish more than you ever thought possible?

I invite you to begin today. Commit yourself to “170 Days of Change.” What ONE thing will you eliminate today? I invite you to do it now, and post it on my Facebook wall. Or your own. Or leave a comment below.

Then pump your fist in the air to celebrate your accomplishment.

Happy Day to you!

P.S. On Day #1, I got rid of a gold bracelet I used to wear 24/7. It needed mending, but Lux, Bond & Green told me in was unfixable. That it would eventually fall off, and I’d lose it. Along with my mother’s high school key. They paid me $100 for the gold, and I bought a new, sturdier bracelet.

Today, Day #2, I called someone with whom there were bad feelings because I declined to give her a job reference. Expressed my own feelings and listened to hers. It’s behind me now. Done.

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