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Day #35 — I Said No, So I Can Get What I Want


Is something above the line — or below it? Something you enjoy, but don’t live and die for?

Today I called my massage therapist, who’s also a friend. “Vicki,” I said when she answered the phone. “I love coming to you for massages.  Your touch is wonderful. Also it’s fun to talk and laugh with you. But I can’t afford it right now. I knew it when I saw you last, but I was embarassed to tell you.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment, and then this:

“I’m sorry you’re in a hard place financially.” Vicki’s tone reflected concern for me.

“Oh, I’m O.K.,” I replied. “Actually, I feel less worried about the future than when I had a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the bank.” I was thinking that it’s because now I’m clear about what my dreams are, and am taking small steps to realize them.

I didn’t say this, yet I knew I also felt pleased and proud for drawing the line in the sand about what’s critical to me, and what’s only nice to have. Pursuing my dream feels critical, while a massage belongs in the “nice to have” category.